Home Sweet Home

On our unexpectedly long walk to Bukit Nanas (the jungle in the city where I found the family of Silver Leaf monkeys) we came upon this crumbling street of flats which still bore an ornate plaque dated 1931 and the initials oEs. I am sure that when I was a little girl, this was an elegant flat and a coveted address.

I am always astonished at how the tropics act as a super-aging agent – all that heat and humidity and creeping fauna hankering to reclaim what humans have purloined from the rainforest. The Colosseum in Rome is in better shape than this!

But after photographing beautiful things, I think some of us find our heads turned by the fading, the decrepit, the lingering remnants of days not quite significant to us to be remembered.

This is the courtyard of what would once have been a very fine flat. Abandoned. Actually, it occurred to me that someone is living here still. There’s the power cables overhead, but I notice the front tyre of that motor bike is not flat. The licence plate is not decayed… I wonder what their flat looks like behind the chains and padlock. Hmmm, best to leave that to my imagination…

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6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. If someone is living there still, I wonder why the windows have boards on them? The courtyard itself is lovely as is the weathering of the building.


    1. My guess is that the window frames/jambs have rotted out… and it’s a squat now. I doubt the occupant(s) are paying rent. It’s routine for people to remove the rear tyre of a motorbike when parking it in an out of the way place.


    1. I am sure the tiles are ceramic, very sturdy stuff that – can survive almost anything other than being smashed. On the other hand, adobe/plaster/wood/cement are pretty much defenceless against tropical conditions… I am sure there was some sort of roof/ceiling/covering over the entrance, but that was probably the first item to go.


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