Hong Kong Typhoon

I think we are so conditioned to seek out and appreciate expansive, clear views that go on forever that we fail to appreciate the beauty of those that are truncated by nature.

Hong Kong was the tail end of a trip that began with the mists of Scotland. There the mists, though dense, had a light, crisp, cool quality. Hong Kong was hot, heavy and so laden with moisture I would have liked to come up for air. One day – one day I’ll go back and have another pigeon dinner.

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2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Typhoon

  1. I have a question, Titirangi! Is there a country you have not visited? Are you or your husband in the diplomatic corps? It’s fascinating seeing one country after another! Way to go.


    1. Oh my! There are so many I have not visited. I think I have only been to 40 or so… Will be adding Indonesia next week…

      Nope, not in the diplomatic corps and have no special discount connections – other than savvy purchasing… As in, I go where I can get a bargain – so if Malaysia is on sale, there I am. I am still waiting for Africa…

      I just love travel, I love encountering new ways of thinking and being. I’ve found I can communicate with anyone, anywhere – kind of just by trying… hard to explain that, but it works for me…


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