Guardians of Convenience

Ever wonder what happens to all those statues that get toppled when the people rise up and finally get rid of their hated dictator? Yes, we’ve all seen them come crashing down – they make great TV bites – but what happens after the crowds have gone home?

Not sure if I am in a Baltic or Lavatorial frame of mind these days, but this was another little surprise I encountered on my way to do my unmentionable business. The Estonians opted to place these tributes to Lenin and Stalin guarding the loo in the basement of the Occupation Museum in Tallinn.  In a museum that was depressing by its very nature, it was a brilliant sparkle of light and a credit to the Eesti sense of humour.

(I wrote an article about this museum last year which you can read by clicking here.)


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6 thoughts on “Guardians of Convenience

  1. I’ve seen this before and think it’s absolutely hilarious. But I would be a bit cowed to go about my business with these two looking on.


    1. I ran it as part of an essay on the Museum of the occupation about a year or so ago – excellent spot!
      However, I must assure you that these presence of these two had no impact whatsoever on my ability to go about my business!


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