From annoying to heavenly

Funny how things that once seemed so very important can be trivialised by time.

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6 thoughts on “From annoying to heavenly

  1. I love Russian architecture from that period. It is so elegant and intricate. Of course, spending money on such things led to the Tsar’s downfall . . .


    1. Yes it did. The tsar was already in deep deep trouble at home, and this little dig at the Estonians (who were always a troublesome territory clamouring and plotting for freedom) was a good example of why… It faces the Estonian Parliament, Toompea Castle, and was erected on the spot where a statue of Martin Luther had stood for hundreds of years.

      While it is enchantingly lovely – it is completely out of place in Tallinn, which is a nearly perfectly preserved medieval city. So it was once a bit of an eyesore… I bought several wooden painted icons of the Virgin Mary here, which I stuck on the walls in my house – much to my husband’s bemusement…


  2. The Estonian people would probably not agree that it was “merely divine” quite yet. They have a very long history of being occupied by various peoples, and there is no reason to believe the Russians won’t be back. After WWII, the allies, gave Estonia to Russia as a reward. There is no reason tobelieve that won’t happen again.


    1. It was meant as a play on words…

      The Russians are already coming – with their larger families slowly replacing Estonians’ small or childless families. From what I observed and remember Kaupo telling me, they are not integrating, learning Estonian or moving in the general direction of ‘becoming’ Estonian. So it is just a matter of time until Estonians become a minority in their own country…


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