Onset of Winter

I hear the jubilation from the northern hemisphere as they celibrate the return of the sun and long days and the colours and warmth of spring.

But here in the world down under it is a very different story. The days grow short. The sun grows scarce. The rains will come and for those further south, the snows…

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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9 thoughts on “Onset of Winter

  1. Your text takes me back to my childhood days – racing to school on the forest path, with my little dog, blowing white breath into the late autumn’s air.


    1. I love the cold when it is clean and dry. You just add more layers. Now that I live in a sub-tropical climate, I am cold all winter long, because it is damp and dreary. I miss those crisp clear, clean winter days of my childhood. Of course I didn’t appreciate them then – I was dreaming of living somewhere with palm trees, where it never snowed ;-}


  2. As you may have noticed, I love trees, so this one is especially touching to me. Even though it’s 80 degrees and humid today, the landscape in your picture calls to me acutely.


      1. I don’t know why, but I’ve never thought of a tree being a familiar. How very odd of me because it’s the most logical choice.


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