Full moon rising

Life is so full of choices… one of them just might be walking along the shore of an Alpine Lake, watching the moon rise as the lights of the lodge glimmer across the way.

OK – I was trucking a large, heavy camera bag and a tripod and the ground was damp and I was rather freezing… but it was worth it. And the lodge was nice and warm when I got back. I had a nice glass of red wine and some crackers and cheese and felt entirely blissed out for the rest of the evening.

btw – this Alpine lake is Lake Wanaka in the Southern Alps on the south island of New Zealand. I have yet to conquer the European Alps – but I will one day.

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3 thoughts on “Full moon rising

  1. I am sure I was at that lake… I went from Nelson to Queensland out Te Anau and down to Invercargill.

    One of my most hilarious moments in life was in Invercargill. I convinced a horse breeder that I could beat him at pool (billiards?) and I DID!. No one was more surprised than me. A little NZ beer, a lot of determination and I won…absolute dumb luck.

    Locals were amazed. We found he was an uncomfortable loser…probably because I was a woman.

    Oh, the shallowness of youth. 😀


    1. Could be – Wanaka is a bit out of the way, about an hour north of Queenstown by car… A couple hours south of the Haast Pass. Te Anau is probably around 100 kms away, but a 10 hour drive as those mountains are impassable by car. It’s my favourite part of the country. I had hoped to live there when we first planned to shift to New Zealand, but the work was in Auckland, so for the past 17 years, this has been home. I do love it – but if I couldn’t go to the South Island every year… I don’t know…


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