Stockholm – not in the mood

She was a one day port on a whirlwind cruise of Scandinavian capitals. It was rainy and cold, the light was flat and all my photos look like faded, discoloured 1970’s prints. Ugh.

You’d never guess we met up with a long-time internet friend and had a brilliant day! It just wasn’t particularly scenic.

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9 thoughts on “Stockholm – not in the mood

  1. Love how you personified Stockholm – I pictured some grand dame who has no qualms about telling everyone to get lost!

    Interesting effect on the photos. When that happens to me, I hope I’ve done something clever. Hah! šŸ˜€


    1. Thank you – I think Stockholm could also be quite warm – on a different day…

      When I get a batch of ‘bad’ photos, I spend hours contemplating how to ‘fix’ or ‘improve’ them… I can’t bear to delete photos of overseas trips… although, I did just delete about 100 shots of slightly blurry Norwegian seagulls just last week!


  2. Oh My God look at this! I agree with ‘personification’. You’ve not only personified her, you’ve filled her with demon!

    I absolutely adore it, I kid you not, she reaches out from the screen and WILL…NOT…BE…IGNORED!

    It’s rich, rich, rich with our reflection, humanity bleached, it’s fantastic I promise, one of your best!

    Pah, to beautifully crafted pieces, this on a coffee table, will astonish and capture all who wander within fifteen feet!

    I can’t tell you the effect this has on me. It’s…fantastic madam!


  3. Oh my god! Infact…would you email me it without the writing? I feel my heart lurch…a poems’ beating about the boundaries, it’s glorious! I don’t know why it’s elicited such intense reaction but it’s so stripped, so visceral, you wonder if you’ve stumbled in from a different dimension…or whether IT has…ramble, waffle, foaming from the mouth, I’m still staring!



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