Leave Me!


I’ve been watching a lot of film noir lately – Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, rain slicked streets and femme fatales. A very young (and tiny!) Marilyn Monroe in a very small part in The Asphalt Jungle from 1950… I have no idea what the connection is between that and this – I just know there is one. And it’s strong!

Theories welcomed.

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7 thoughts on “Leave Me!

  1. Film Noir usually has a stranger who has to answer a question, solve a mystery. The key characters occupy the dark spaces in-between the bright, flashy lights of a cityscape, like the dark spaces between the colorized leaves in the photo.


  2. Oooo, I love this, it’s right up my alley at the moment! Gorgeous colours, great words! Absolutely, and thanks for your words madam, I laughed out loud! I’m gingerly returning to life!


  3. Oh thanks for this. Brought a big grin to my otherwise dour expression. Too good, and I definitely see the connection to film noir.

    (Sorry that I comment in spurts. I just have lost my good rolling habits and need to get them back, but I have been writing more regularly, so one thing at a time.)


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