Sneaking down the alley

I like to think I am not afraid of monsters anymore – but deep inside, I think I still am – but my little corner of the world is not monster friendly.

Old medieval European towns, on the other hand, are full of dark, narrow alleys, leading to wonderful places…but they are lined with darkened, recessed doorways, where monsters can easily hide, even in the middle of the day.

This one was in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but you can find them in Edinburgh, Tallinn, Berlin, Riga, Amsterdam… but I don’t recall seeing them in Scandinavia… Hmmm… I wonder why not?

Please watch out for the bogey-man. But if you run into the boogie-man, well that’s a whole nother story.

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8 thoughts on “Sneaking down the alley

  1. I don’t know… I can’t say for sure there were none – only that I didn’t see any. We did a cruise of the Scandinavian capitals a couple of years ago, so we only spent a day in each city/country – which ia nice little taste – I am definitely going back to Norway – but probably not to Finland (unless it’s very convenient on my trip to Norway – when I get to it… Someday…)


    1. That’s what makes it so menacing. It looks lovely and inviting – but you get halfway down and to one of those recessed doorways – and out jumps the bogeyman! Your goose is then at least partially cooked as you finagle and scramble either forwards or backwards to the safety of sunlight.


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