Coffee Service

They’ll pry my coffee cup from my cold, dead hands…

I’ve given up sugar
I’ve given up salt
I’ve given up red meat, booze and cigarettes
They’re threatening my (organic!) soy milk, tofu and canola
I workout every day – sometimes twice
I eat my veggies
(Please Lord, don’t let them take away my bean sprouts)
You might call me Saint Veronica of the Caffeine Chapel.
Anyone who thinks I should give up my coffee
can go to hell!

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

8 thoughts on “Coffee Service

  1. ha, ha, it’s lovely. the image is so metallic and tangly and gorgeous! And the poem is funny (you forgot the bracket at the end of chapel)!

    I find it hard to read the words on the photo itself, which is part of what’s great about this piece, but is it the computer? Can you actually, just make out the words in print or do you need a little more contrast?

    I think it’s great…and….I may have to ask again! I feel stirrings…though this one feels like one of those I have to wait for in my dreams.


  2. Thank you – the words in print are a real problem with this template! I’ve also got fiction and quite a lot of film reviews and articles here that are near impossible to read… I don’t know what possessed them to make the font default to grey like this. It is possibly to manually change the colours, but then, when I change the template, I will have to redo all the colours… Annoying! But I do think I have to do something about it. These days a lot of the text is off the image and while I don’t mind making people ‘work’ just a bit to get my stuff – I can’t expect them to cope with the font colour, too… sigh…

    If you’d like to use this in a poem of yours, I would, of course be happy to ‘lend’ it to you. Let me know and I will send you a version without the words re coffee service in the stone… you might have a whole different take on it…



  3. No! No almond milk! I keep hearing it over and over.

    I love my Sanitarium full-fat, organic soy milk, loaded with isoflavins and the terrors of unfermented soy! It is perfect in my coffee, adds a boost of nutty goodness…

    I am suspecting a conspiracy by the almond growers. (They are insidious, you know…)


  4. Okay. You are so far ahead of me in this. I have not given up red meat, and I don’t really like soy milk. I tried drinking red wine for my heart, but it gives me migraines. Bah. But I must have my two cups of coffee during the day, and two cups of hot herbal tea at night.


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