Why? Why not?

I have a print of this on my office wall. A friend commented, saying his first reaction was, “Why would anyone take this photo?” I was a mite stumped – after all, there are a million reasons, but none of the them particularly compelling. Then he said, “Thank God someone did.” And I smiled. And it stuck with me, because I have no idea why I took it, or why it is one of my favourites. It just is.

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4 thoughts on “Why? Why not?

  1. Thank you… I’m consciously pushing them right now, trying to get them to the ‘next level’… of course those two were boht taken on the south island – there is no more photogenic place on earth…


  2. Whoever made that comment obviously has no sense of mystery, no sense of whimsy, no sense of communion with nature. This is one of very favorite photos: the path alongside the mossy-covered rocks, the bare branches–it all reminds me of so many places in the mountains that I love, and I’ll bet that the smell was wondrous to inhale.

    You are doing great work.


    1. Actually, I think this photo changed my friend’s mind… but I guess it is difficult because it is dark and no dramatic beam of light coming through… I love images (not just mine) that make you/me do a little work…


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