Frosty morning by the river

Wandering along the banks of the Hawea River, on the south island of New Zeland on a foggy winter morning. I always seem to hold my breath in the fog. Not sure why, but I have a  sensation that it is somehow ‘alive…’ and I don’t want to consume it – or… I don’t want it to consume me???

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4 thoughts on “Frosty morning by the river

  1. Like the mossy rocks, I love this one as well. The entire composition is marvelous. I love fog. I love pictures of trees, and the green hues of nature.

    By the way, meant to say that I do admire your posting every day efforts. I’m trying to get back to regular posting, and have been doing better than I was. It’s important to me to put in the effort. Also, I figured out the like button…


    1. Yes – you must post more often! (I must also comment more often!) I rather like the new Like and subscribe buttons… it makes it so much easier to follow people I love reading – especially if they are prolific…

      I am so pleased you like the composition. It is all deliberate. And I had it in a competition last week and the judge loved it but not the empty space on the left, so it mere received a highly commended, not an honours… You can’t argue with a judge – but I was was dying to scream “That’s not empty space! That’s light. And fog! They need space, too!” Ah well… I’ve always been a bit of a troublemaker, even at the photography society…


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