Titirangi Marriage

This is a 100′ Kauri tree wedded to an inspiring bouganvillea up the road from me. It always takes my breath away.

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9 thoughts on “Titirangi Marriage

  1. Oo! First of all, it’s a GREAT poem! Lovely 1st stanza, and then the rest is vivid, simple and uplifting! Fabulous picture too! I went pink two days ago. Ok, not sure about the frame….will have to sleep on it. I’m loving the content but the frame feels a little too complimentary…it’s not fighting/excavating…if you know what I mean! But hey, that might be the point eh. Nice one, on, on.


    1. Thank you Kenneth… and yes, I struggled with the frame too – and it will probably chane, but it was so very late last night and I had to get it done… the problem is that I wanted to make it the same colour as the bougainvillea and wow! that’s a lot brighter than I realised. So I fiddled… and my fiddle was not quite in tune. Still – this miraculous marriage carries the day for me… this is summer for me. All winter long I look at the tree and wait for her to come alive, always a little worried she won’t. Kauris can live for thousands of years… not so pretty bouganvilleas…


  2. Well, it’s a great piece and I’m sure it’ll rectify itself because beautiful art always lets the creator know. This one I had to come back to. It honours time and patience, foreberance and love, it honours partners and making it. It’s beautiful.


  3. Kolembo sent me here… and this poem makes my heart beat a little faster. It took me a moment to realize we were talking about the vine and the tree, me always making things personal 🙂 In any case, the last line echoes for me… and has many applications, including personal ones. So, here I am. And here you are. And thank you to Kenny for making this connection.

    One poet to another,


    1. Thank you, b-b. I think of the tree as a metaphor. I think it resonates because it could ‘just’ be about a tree and a pernicious ornamental climber… or it could be so much more.

      I am so happy that you enjoyed it.


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