Fading Away

I like taking photos from the bus – I can spy and be gone before anyone knows… This man captured my imagination… Yes, the people with the hard luck stories and lives that weren’t picture-book pretty always catch my eye. I’m sure he had an ordinary life… he does not look broken… and yet I wonder if maybe he had wanted more.

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

6 thoughts on “Fading Away

  1. This is an exquisite photo…it invites a soul-deep curiosity. I look at the hands and wonder at the tenderness and comfort they have given. They are hands that reach to give, not to take.

    I have a photo of a father – taken out of a bus in a South Africa ghetto. He saw my lens through the window…his expression haunts me. His face took me to Kiva – the one way of helping that I trust.

    Thank you, Titirangi.


    1. Thank you. It really brings me joy that you appreciated this photo. I was confused that it initially received no responses – not pretty I suppose… but it’s nice to know it has a bit of resonance…


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