Some Days You Lead

I was enchanted by this old couple crossing the street in Antigua, Guatemala.

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4 thoughts on “Some Days You Lead

  1. Ah, there you are, I missed the last two.

    I like this one. You have us right in the brick and mortar of the building behind, as though the building itself speaks. And does Architecture, the stuff we live in, record the memories of our lives?

    Everytime I watch documentary on World War II I shudder. All those beautiful buildings destroyed.

    Further, the subject – the crossing people – intruiging.


    1. I love the complementary antiquities – the people and the buildings… and the technicolour clothing of the women… Architecture most definitely holds memories – some call them ghosts – but I think it can hold emotions and vibrations, feelings… why else would we get a ‘feeling’ from a place? Or a sense of having been there before?


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