Whose faded memory?

Those not able to stand here in person remembered it as clearly as I do now. I remember their memories, too.

This is a street in Tallinn, Estonia. My extended family still lives there. Most Estonians were enslaved as serfs under the Germans, Swedes and finally the Russians from the 13th century until they were freed in 1849. Being considered property meant that most excellent records were kept and so we have a thorough genealogy to the late 1600s.

I know their names, when they lived and died, how many children they bore – they beat in my veins and my heart and my memory.

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2 thoughts on “Whose faded memory?

  1. Another gorgeous one! Ya, the faint memories of who we were before, understanding who we are know, imaging who we will be in future. These are so lovely!

    You’re doing better than I am…had to start a new blog specific to postaday, I’m exhausted! You can find the link on my poetry site. But on, on eh!

    I’m sticking with you. Beautiful.


  2. I used to post about once a week until August or September of last year when life got a bit hairy – nothing really awful – just… hairy… And it seemed like a form of therapy – working out my thoughts and feelings and making sense enough out of them that i could express them coherently… Now I’m starting to feel like I live for this! Imagine what you will be like in May???
    Still… would you have it any other way?
    And… thank you…


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