Mary Mary Mary

Will the REAL Mary please step up?

Ever since I was a girl I’ve been fascinated by statues of the Virgin Mary. I remember praying to them from time to time, begging them to move, to give me some sign. It never happened. No wink, no nod, no show of tears. I’m okay with it – I still seek her out and admire her kaleidoscope of presentations.

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4 thoughts on “Mary Mary Mary

  1. I took these photos in Bari, Italy, which seemed nearly obsessed with Mary… in a good way I think… as in, Mary does not seem to have many negatives. Certainly no one has gone to war on her behalf… I would love to go back to Bari and do nothing but photograph icons to her. (Well, there is also the mummified remains of St Catherine de Sens… it’s a very strange place…)


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