Dreaming in the new year with a good ideer

It arrives first here in New Zealand – just over an hour away now… 2010 is going out quietly. To be honest, I’m not sorry to see the back of it, a year full of sturm and drang and dramas. I have high hopes for 2011.

There was a time when I made resolutions that usually included quitting smoking – which I broke 5 minutes after midnight. I’ve given up the smokes along with the resolutions and taken up new year dreaming instead. Time to write down my 100 dreams for 2011. A quick glance at last year’s list and I’ve made a bloody good dent in it – 48 of them happening or in progress. (No, I have still not organised language classes in Mandarin, Estonian, Italian or made arrangement to walk the Alps or got even close to the fitness level required to do that… but there is still time.)

Me – I’m going to bed with a pad of paper and a sharp pencil and dream the new year into being snuggled up to my hubby. Wherever you are, however you celebrate – I hope this new year is full of joy and laughter and as much happiness as you can possibly handle.

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