Never the dolls

I was at a wedding and spied these ambitious little girls and was so enamoured of their ambitious project.

And had a funny little moment remembering how, when my eldest was small, I would not let her play with dolls – feminist theory being that dolls would condition her to be submissive and weak and blah blah blah… fortunately she had grandmothers to undermine me in that department… She turned out very well, though I wonder sometimes if she’d have turned out a bit more cuddly if I’d given her a doll to play with instead of a truck…

Sigh… we can only go forward…

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2 thoughts on “Never the dolls

  1. I have always loved dolls and played with them until I was way too old. I still love dolls. Never had any real doll babies of my own though. I just have dogs.


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