60s flashback

They say if you can remember it, you weren’t really there. All I’ve got is the memory of what I planned on doing when I got there, but it was over before I arrived. The 70s were sloppy seconds and the 80’s…  it wasn’t all bad… but really, it was the tackiest decade in the last 100 years… why was it mine???

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2 thoughts on “60s flashback

  1. I had go-go boots, but they were not all white. They had some red and blue parts to them. And I had hot pants and micro mini skirts — and the skinny legs to go with them. But I was a pre-teen!


  2. Yeah, there were still some go-go boots and nehru shirts around in the early 70s, languishing in the un-hippest parts of mainstream America, being worn by those too young or too hopeless to know they were hopelessly out of fashion… sigh…

    Hot pants were definitely an early 70s thing…

    I have never, in my life, had skinny legs. Doubt I’ll ever get them.


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