Transition – cranked up to 9

Sorry, but you gotta click on the image to be able to see and read it.

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5 thoughts on “Transition – cranked up to 9

  1. HI Storyteller
    This sounds/looks a bit worrying. I do hope that you are OK and that all this stuff (whatever it is) isn’t getting on top of you.
    I’m struggling too, right now. (But when not? I hear my nearest and dearest say.) I don’t want to go back onto anti-depressants, but it’s all feeling really difficult. If I can reach out to you about anything, I would do so. I don’t want to say meaninglessly gung-ho things to you, though, as ignorant people who try to ‘cheer you up’ are just a pain.
    Take care of yourself – we’ve just passed the equinox, so change is in the air!


  2. Thank you Jill. I am okay – just in a bit of a tizz over a job interview on Monday. I work for city government and 7 area councils are amalgamating to form one “supercity” of 1,4 million people… The plan was to cut 2000 staff in the process. Most of that number have jumped ship, but I have applied for several roles in the new organisation. My last interview is on Monday (tomorrow.) I think I am a bit more stressed than I am admitting…
    I will be disappointed if I don’t get it, but also relieved to be out of this process, which has been really, really stressful – people being ring-fenced (like animals?) into certain jobs regardless of their skills and qualifications… Some given 25% cut in pay in new jobs offeres… the list goes on. And in a recession job-market…
    The upside is I will get a reasonable amount of redundancy to tide me over until I either find a new job or create one for myself…
    I will have to know by Friday when they are legally required to send termination notices to anyone who has not accepted an offer…
    Change is most definitely in the air!
    Thanks for… well, noticing and caring…


  3. I love this!!!! I only wish I could read more of the writing, but I can’t. I am 52 years old and wear glasses, but I still can’t decipher much of it.

    What is going on with the NZ govt? Recession finally hit down there?

    Btw, I am working again.


  4. Did you try clicking on the image to get the full screen version? It should be very readable if you do that.

    The 7 Auckland Councils are amalgamating… it’s a mess in so many ways – though the concept is a good one – why owuld you have so many local governemnts for such a small popluation?

    As for recession – inflation is a bit up, unemployment is up, but nothing like the USofA, the news presenters moan about how the world is coming to an end – so all in all, hard to say…

    Yay on working – assuming you want to be working…


  5. It is better, but not improved enough for me to read. Maybe my eyesight is going.

    Glad to be getting a paycheck. If I could do it without working, I would. I am adjusting to working again — pulling back on all my activities especially those online. No time. Sigh.


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