Time Travails

ClocksThose who bump into me in 3Dland (the three dimensionnal world as opposed to I-land which both more and less dimensional than 3Dland, depending on how you measure it) have heard me railing lately on my problems with time.

Now in general, I am not overly bothered by time, don’t lament the passing of the years or such foolishness. A minute is a minute, etc. But it occurred to me recently that there are simply far too many Monday mornings. It’s not that I particularly hate them – I’m not a big drinker and rarely have a hangover, so it’s not a question of failing to recover from a big weekend in time. I like my job and the work I do, so it’s not that I dread facing the office or my boss on a Monday either. They just show up too often.

Think about it – how often does Thursday lunchtime show up? It seems about right, doesn’t it? Not too often, not too infrequently. Unless of course you’ve got something especially fun we shouldn’t delve into too deeply here that you do on Thursdays at lunchtime, and you spend your week looking forward to it, in which case it may seem that Thursday lunch doesn’t show up often enough. But for the rest of us Thursday lunch and Tuesday afternoon show up with the correct frequency

But Monday morning! Holy Christmas, Batman – why the hell does it seem to turn up every other day – or every three days or so. And… I suspect that Monday morning has eaten Friday at 5… Cos there aren’t enough of those to go around…

Something has to be done about this. I’ve got to get in touch with the universal timekeeper and get this fixed before it’s too late.

OK – that’s the end of lament #1. I’m sorry, but there is more.

I need more time – at least two hours/day. Where can I get some? And it’s got to b quality time – absolutely no Monday mornings or 3pm on Fridays. A friend offered me 5-6 in the morning as long as I didn’t mind a large ginger cat hanging around my head. I was forced to decline as I already have a large ginger cat hanging around my at 5-6 in the morning – and the two of them would undoubtedly fight – which would give me a headache. Especially on those Monday mornings that show up 2-3 times a week.I’d like two hours per day that I could insert into the clock at 10pm, thus giving myself two exptra hours of productivity plus allow me to get a decent night’s sleep. If only I oculd find a slacker willing to part with 2-4 in the afternoon. Those two hours would fit in perfectly.

Then there’s the two-money theory which is baffling everyone, so I think I will leave it for now… but it won’t go away. The universe keeps everything – stores it someplace, until you need it, when it gives it back to you.. I’m not worried.

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