Something that sings

Been a while since I went on about dreaming – one of the recurrent themes around these pages, and also in my life. I have a close friend who has such absolute faith that we can dream the world we want into being, I am encouraged to dare and dream a little bit more. Akin to taking over the world – except it’s more like taking over my own world, my own time and space, instead of giving it over to someone else’s world.

Why give all the crazy away? Should be keeping some for myself.

Another singer I was never a big fan of – John Denver. Something about him always rubbed me wrong, though I can’t say what it was. Always did like the lyric, “Take me home country road, to the place I belong.” For a free-floating tree like me, a bit of a rambler in the world, it always bring one or two of those hot, dry, embarassing little tears to my eyes. I blink them back before anyone’s noticed – except me. So who am I fooling?

The times I run into places like this, I don’t need to hear it. I know it and feel it and let it run through me, except there’s no achy little tear, but a satisfying sensation of being home.

First light. Funny how we can have first light again and again. Don’t you think?

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