Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes

Chalk girls

Actually never was much of a Jimmy Buffet fan – I was never that laid back. But I always thought that was a nice little turn of phrase, and what with my passion for changing latitudes and my growing sense of restlessness with the bread and butter duties of day to day life, it fits rather snugly at the moment.

It started back in the spring, 1st of September to be exact, when it dawned on me that Spring had Sprung a Crossroads. I began to feel an itch I just couldn’t scratch. And of course – those kind of itches just go on and on. Six months later – I’m ready to rock’n’roll. Changes coming fast and strong – more powerful than a speeding locomotive, faster than lightning and sharper than a honeybee sting.

I love the audacity of these wee girls to create a giant woman – a fifty foot woman – unstoppable and immovable. No reason I can’t do it, too.

Film at 11.

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