Travelling again and again

Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are ultimately respnsible for this photo. And the ones I will take in Moscow one day.
Tolstoy and Dostoevsky's fault - Church of the Spilled Blood in St Petersberg

I do know where the wanderlust comes from – spent my entire childhood with my head in a book, or more likely thousands of books all set in places more exotic or interesting than home. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are ultimately responsible for this photo. And the ones I will take in Moscow one day. Hopefully in the dead of winter.

Funny, now that I’ve knocked the big rocks off, I’m not so fussed about where I go as long as I go somewhere. I mean, really, there are so few places I am not interested in going – and most of those I’ve already been to.

I found the small neighbourhood churches far more interesting than the cathedrals. Check out the Angel of Death!

I don’t recommend Paris – at least not the Paris I visited one stinking hot August when all the French who could get out of town had left, and those remaining were sick to death of the millions of tourists. I might go back to Paris one day. Between October and March only. Everyone deserves a second chance. At least it will be cold enough that the dogshit and human urine won’t be quite as fragrant. And I didn’t make it to the Musee D’Orsay, which is a really big rock. We went on Tuesday as we were departing on Wednesday. It’s closed Tuesdays.

Welcome to Suva!

Suva, on the other hand… I’d either have to be handcuffed or on a stretcher to set foot there again.

But I digress…I’m supposed to be dreaming of the upcoming trip, not waxing wistful or woeful about travels past, at least not right now.

It’s Mexico this time. And Panama, Gautemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and Aruba. Sailing through the Panama Canal twice!

Mayan ruins... I must remember to look into this calendar issue. I'm sure they've got it all wrong.

I hadn’t really thought about going there – Central America was “on the list,” but a someday destination, not a “must get there asap” destination. But like I said, apart from London – which I’m saving for the day I have a good friend or relative living there so I don’t have to pay for accommodation – I’ve covered off my heart’s desire. Now my heart desires whatever presents itself as a bargain.

There it was, a 28 night cruise. Beautiful ship, roomy cabin with a view and a spectacular itinerary at a price I could not believe. My only regret is we will not be going to Belize, which I have longed to see for as long as I can remember. The ship is cruising west to east (and back) so there is no convenient way of squeezing it in. Some things must remain ‘on the list.’

Cliff jumping Acapulco. Cool, but tower jumping on Pentacost Island will be tough to beat.

So much research to do. I’ll be spending nine days in Mexico – Tijuana, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, La Crucecita and San Cristobal de Las Casas which seems like a reasonable taste. Last time I was in Mexico I was 12 and only made it as far as Nuevo Laredo – though I did get to see a bullfight, which might have something to do with my inability to eat beef to this day.

Leaving in six weeks – I’d better get a move on. And dammit! I’d better finish processing those photos from Cochin, India I took back in September. More time! More time!

And more travel.

Cathedral at San Cristobal de las Casas - I'll be there


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5 thoughts on “Travelling again and again

  1. I am glad you are getting so much travel under your belt; however, I will give 2 pieces of traveling advice that should greatly improve your quality of travel.

    First, when traveling via cruise ship, it is very important that the traveler do their homework in advance on the ports of call. While certain ports bring the traveler directly into interesting places, others bring you only into “gateways” to interesting places. The only redeaming quality of these (often filthy and crowded) gateways may be the very fact that the port is actually deep enough for a large ship to drop anchor in. You must make arrangements to leave the port area as soon as you alight either with a formal land tour or a local taxi. Often a 20 minute trip will bring one into a completely different world than that at the port.

    And second, do resist forming strong opinions of major cities like Paris after doing only a one-night stand. Your experience and opinion is so limited by your time and geographic restraints. Do go back to Paris.

    And never ever ever go anywhere in Europe in the summer, unless, of course, you have no choice. Europe in the summer is better than not at all, but Europe in Spring or Fall is divine.


  2. Points taken – but I must add:

    I’ve done about a dozen cruises and to more than fifty ports. I research thoroughly and often book a car and driver for the day, especially when the port is just a gateway. (I had cars prearranged all three ports on the west coasts of India in Septemember.) I have also been to Fiji before and have been to all the cities on the big island and several of the small islands. Suva, the capital, was a cesspit. I would not go back unless I knew someone there and was invited to their home.

    As for Paris, we spent a week. Of all the cities I have visited in Europe, it was the least pleasant. Filthy, hot, crowded. The French were extremely rude. The food was poor quality. There were a gazillion tourists and virtually no public toilets so men were urinating in alleys all over town. I did say going in August was not a good idea and if I ever went back it would be in the cooler months.

    The following week we spent in Hong Kong – hotter and in the middle of a typhoon and had a brilliant time!


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