Marvelling about in Changi

Changi Airport
Changi Airport

190909Changi10This is when I really marvel over technology. Here I am in Changi airport in

Singapore – a marvel in itself, for being the most civilised airport I’ve come across. they really cater for travellers here… including six hours of free wireless Internet (how did they know I have a 6 hour layover? It’s simply fun being here, no matter what time of day or where you are in your travels. Free movies, nap lounges, foot massage machines, a butterfly garden, orchid garden. Since I am on my way to travel,  I must resist the shopping, though I did buy a few small electronic accessories for a small fraction of what I’d pay at home.

Found this display in a men’s shop… not the sort of men’s shop one finds in Auckland or most American cities… this is some kind of metro-sexual men’s shop – where men are proud to buy lotions and serums and potions, brushes and buffers, toners and soothers.

Bobby is a bit bemused, but I have the feeling it’s rather recent that these kind of shops have fallen out of favour in the west – our men have to be so very macho – maybe because the women are, too? Asia is much less macho, though it is undoubtedly more sexist. I like the idea that there’s no conflict in a dude who rides a Harley using lotion to keep his face smooth and moist.

190909Changi22A bit to eat – we had breakfast on the plane, but I’ve been on a low-carb diet for the last few months and everything they gave us seemed to be white flour, white sugar, previously forbidden fruit. My blood sugar spiked and like the stereo-type I inevitably turn out to be – I was starving when it dropped. I courageously had a grande bowl of Boston seafood chowder. Quite tasty. Bobby played it safe with a Mango Snapple and a bagel (funny  how we revert to the comfort foods of old).

OK – he IS giving me the evils, but he ended up feeling a bit green around the gills.

190909Changi15I like this sign indicating departures. We are on the 12.50 via Dubai flight. We’re heading for Dubai – but it carries on to Riyadh. Not sure I’ll ever get to  Riyadh, but I might – I get more curious about the world every day and find it’s less and  less resistable. There’s a few destinations up there I wouldn’t mind going, but Phuket and Kuala Lumpur, both of which I have been to before are on the this trip as well. Looking foorward to snorkeling with monkeys in Phuket. (No, they don’t get in – they really don’t handle the equipment well – but they like to watch…) Not sure what I’ll do in KL this time… I like not knowing.

190909Changi24The orchid garden is really the highlight of terminal 3. Neither Bobby or I have ever seen orchids like these – and in such abundance!

Every colour and variety imaginable. It draws everyone – all ages and cultures. I love watching the other picture takers – those who will wait and wait for their fried to come and stand in front of these perfect flowers so they can get a photo – and those who wait and wait for the people to leave, so the flowers have no competition.

190909Changi32Me, I love the both – the people and the flowers and especially the beautiful goldfish. You don’t mind if I while away the next hour pondering them before the next flight… It’s just such a beautiful  way to start a trip!

Next – Dubai! Opulence, extravagance, indulgence, excess… and all the things I don’t expect soon to be discovered!

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6 thoughts on “Marvelling about in Changi

  1. Yes, one of the most incredible airports in the world. But alas, every place has it’s downfall. When I was there a few years ago unfortunately I assisted with a cardiac arrest. In spite of all of the talent that came (an anesthesiologist form India, a Cardiologist from US, myself and Intnsive care RN and 2 cardiology Fellows form Australia the poor patient did not make it. Maily there was no defibrillator or oxygen available. The medications we finally got from the emergency clinic were small doses and in spite of CPR, well that was 5 years ago and I suspect things are better now…otherwise, yes the orchids and the hotel gave aus a great time on the way back home form India


    1. Hi Ananda! So nice to see you!
      That is such a sad, sad thing to have happened – and really with no excuse, given Singapore’s wealth. I do hope they have corrected this since then.
      We stopped in Singapore again on this trip – sort of on our way home from India… It was one of the ports along the way to Sydney. And we just got back home today! It’s nice being home… with a relaxing weekend to start sorting out the trip!


  2. lovely article and delicious photo of Mr Bobby I find myself slightly green with envy of him to be travelling with you while your Bindi is left at home – if I had the time I would be pining.

    thinking of you wherever you are in your abundant world. Your Bindi.


  3. Hi, I’m Singaporean. Thank you for the positive writeup about Changi Airport!

    Hope you have a pleasant experience each time you came here!


    1. Changi is just one of the things I love about Singapore… one of my favourite places – losing track of how many times I’ve been there…


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