Dubai, Bombay, Goa and Cochin!

Can you imagine these are real?
Dubai Towers at night. Can you imagine these are real?

Damn! It’s been so long since I’ve been on a proper trip – I’ve sorta forgotten just how to get appropriately excited about it. Heading off in ten days – no sign of packing started. Got my visa for India ($160! Crikey!) Got my leave sorted at work. Housesitter organised.

A couple of scarves for Dubai, camera gear, laptop and extra hard drive – I’m good to go!

I’ve been told not to eat in public in Dubai or I will be arrested. I can not do that. I think Ramadan is possibly a more interesting time to be there – a bit more spiritual – though I am told that at sundown it turns into a huge party.  To be honest – the flash and dazzle of Dubai doesn’t lure me on its own – but as a launching pad for a 25 night cruise, I will enjoy it to the fullest.

a picture that says virtually nothing....It’s India that intrigues me most – though I will only have three short days… I plan on getting the most out of them and hopefully lure the spouse into returning for a longer stay next time. I mean – how can you go to India and not go to the Taj Mahal? It just seems silly.

But we shall begin in Bombay. This picture says virtually nothing about the place…

Then it’s on to Goa, Mormugao port, followed by Cochin in southern India. I am deeply aware of how little I know…

Yes, I will be eating these, probably in Mormugao
Yes, I will be eating these, probably in Mormugao
Fishing nets in Cochin
Fishing nets in Cochin

And I truly look forward to taking some brilliant photos when I am there…

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