Time Hogs

lf - tower1You can’t buy more time. I accept that. I don’t like it, but the universe isn’t set up so you can buy more time the way you can buy ‘carbon credits’ to offset your evil carbon consumption. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s a load of crap – but someone’s figured out how to structure it so they make money and a lot of people get to feel good about themselves.

As for time sales, the poor would be selling it off to the rich, not to me – so not only would I not benefit, I would be railing against it as immoral and abuse of privilege. The unavailability of time for sale is therefore good for my soul. I’ll sleep better at night.

So more time – if I can buy it, what can I do to gelf - teapots2t rid of time eating stuff in my life? Sure, work eats a huge chunk of my time – but I am less concerned with the amount of time I spend at work that with the time hogs that eat my valuable work time. People who ring or who want meetings when they don’t exactly know what they want and you spend ten minutes listening to them dither around amusing themselves. People who send useless emails – the ones where they are so desperate to cover their butt they copy in entire departments. Meetings where nothing is accomplished or decided… I figure I could get two hours more into the average day if I could get rid of that stuff, but it’s generally insidious. Although – I did set up my Outlook inbox, so that one of the columns, along with Sender and Subject, etc, is WHO it’s addressed to. If it’s just copied to me I’ve stopped reading them. That’s nearly a quarter of my emails.

P2079333.ORFAt what point is it okay to terminate a telephone call? From an external caller, I figure, if they’re not cursing at you, you can never terminate it. I’ve been trapped with an unhappy ratepayer on the phone for up to half an hour – but I’ve since learned how to manage those better. And today I horrified someone standing at my desk by telling them the call I was about to answer was going to take 30 seconds – and then finishing it off in 28.

But these are tiny wins. I need some big wins. Delegation is generally good, I’m on top of that, no problem delegating. My motto – delegate – and you give someone a chance to be a star! (And to think, I used to be a control freak…)

The writing is on the wall – lighten the workload… and thereby give up the fun stuff… or get more help.

I keep thinking I should give up the movie reviews – the column takes about 50-60 hours a month. But if I didn’t do it… I would be watching movies and not writing about them, which I would hate. I shouldn’t complain – my life is not so hard. I just need more…

…time time time… Could it be I’m addicted to the stuff?

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2 thoughts on “Time Hogs

  1. Dear Titirangi Storyteller

    I blew a gasket I was laughing so hard, I empathise with your situation as I too loathe time hogs. Fortunately those who know me understand and tolerate my “rudeness” as I have had to learn to head people off before my eyes glaze over and my brain stalls. Those who don’t know me and don’t bother to get to know me, can’t stand me, which suits me perfectly…less time wasted on banalities.

    I love reading your blog and always look forward to the next installment.


    1. Thanks! It’s a tough roe to hoe – working with people. Animals might be worse, though. Perhaps we should take up with inanaimate objects!


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