Hell is still other people

I really can’t continue to put this off on Sartre. His contention was the hell is always other people – and he meant all people all the time. My reality is that some people are sometimes hell and a few people are always hell. But hell is neither my enduring state of being and there are indeed some folks who are always a delight.

hell21I remind myself of this as the saga of the Consultant who’s been messing with my Self reached its crescendo. At the previous recounting of events, Self was very optimistic. Self was in denial. Self really wanted to believe that Other (Consultant) understood that Self absolutely had to know Other’s complete listTM of requirements to deliver project. Other did understand, inasmuch as Other knew Self was very seriousTM about this and Other must comply. Unfortunately, Other was incapable of thinking more than 30 minutes into the future.

The complete listTM of Other’s needs did indeed arrive on Monday morning. Self analysed, prioritized, delegated and foolishly went on to more important thingsTM in the belief everything was safely in order for the big presentation on Tuesday for industry and government representatives. Sometime in the late afternoon Other arrived at Self’s desk with just one more thingTM – something that usually required a week’s notice, but pulling a favour, Self delivered. Without so much as a thank you, Other demanded another thingTM. Self refused. Other pouted and went away. But Other returned…

Without boring your self with the successive transactions, let it be said that by the time presentation was made Self was in need of several glasses of red wine and a period of isolation from all Others, as Self wallowed in the inevitable reiteration of – Hell is other people!

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2 thoughts on “Hell is still other people

  1. Your posting brought back a memory and a smile. I was visiting my father one day when the local “preacher” stops by to try once again to get my father in church. After a short conversation the preacher ask “Mr. Johnson when you die don’t you want to go to Heaven, cause if you don’t start coming to church your going to Hell.” My father looked at him and said preacher I don’t know where you get your information but I know for a fact I got to be going to Heaven because right now dealing with you I must be living in Hell.” Nothing against religion or the church as I do not tell this story to offend. Thank you for the post and the memory and especially one about my father.



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