More on New Year’s Dreaming

Back around new year’s I wrote a bit about having new year’s dreams instead of new year’s resolutions.  It’s far more positive, and if you dream of doing something rather than NOT doing something – well, I think you are more likely to DO.

So… four weeks down the track, I’ve got an update. At that time, I had writtendream down my 1oo dreams, as suggested in The Dream Manager, by Matthew Kelly. They were all over the place, though there were recurring themes – travel, photography, learning foreign languages, writing and of course family and friend oriented ‘dreams’ that were more chiding myself for not spending more time with them.

I met with my mentor. He noticed that very few of my dreams had anything to do with my job. He flippantly said, “You need to retire, so you can pursue your dreams.” And then we went on to categorise the dreams, by type, by urgency, by likelihood of realisation, etc. Interesting, but nothing really came out of it – though it was a good session. For most of us, any time we can sit around and talk about ourselves is a good time.

But a few days ago, something twigged. I do need to retire. At least, I need to titirangi-tree-watercolourretire from what I am doing and find a way of making travel, writing and photography pay enough to sustain more travel, writing and photography.

And suddenly, the ideas are flowing like Niagara Falls, gushing forth. It’s possible. It’s doable. I’m going to do it. I’ve got courses booked. Preliminary plans afoot. 2011 is the goal – but I there’s a good chance I’m going to pull it off long before then.

There’s something to this dreaming thing. No – I’m not suggesting it’s the ‘one true way.’ Nothing is ever one size fits all. But I’m coming to realise there is much much more to it than meets the eye. It’s not just for people ‘with their whole lives ahead of them.’ Maybe people with most of their lives behind them need to have dreams even more, so we don’t get caught in routines and habits and the daily grind of survival.

And if I’m tilting at windmills – hell, at least those windmills will be in The Netherlands or Greece or who knows where?

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2 thoughts on “More on New Year’s Dreaming

  1. I loved this post… you’re so right! There are some great windmills on Crete, incidentally, if you haven’t seen them: on the Lassithi Plateau. Well worth a visit in my opinion.


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