Dog breeds

Not that I care about this, but it occurs to me that when I was a kid there were half a dozen breeds of dog. You had your collies, German shepherds, poodles, chihuahuas (for the weird), Labrador and beagles. Every so often you’d find something more exotic like an Irish setter or Scottie dog,Mystery breed the odd dachshund or bulldog. But really, that was it.
These days every time someone gets a dog, it’s some breed I’ve never heard of and if I can get my tongue around it, I can’t remember it, so the next time I see the adorable pooch and he’s grown, I have to ask what the breed is and I’m not quite sure it’s even the same dog.
And whatever became of the mutt? Do we need labradoodles? Or spoodles?
Not sure why this is bugging me – I don’t care much for dogs… generally.  But you know I adore yours.

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